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About Us

SD Sports & Nutrition is a San Diego based company that’s known by many locals as “the athletes candy store.” What started as a small “whole in the wall” retail location more than a decade ago, has now expanded to a retail locations in the San Diego County area. The founder and current president has always been an avid fitness enthusiast and sports supplement user.


The company takes great pride in helping customers achieving their fitness goals, by recommending quality products that fit their needs. Every sales associate goes through extensive training & works on a non-commission basis, to avoid selling items that the customer does not need.

Customer service is the number 1 priority, many of the selected products are hand-picked and tested by staff members for potency and quality.  We do NOT believe the hype.

With products stacked all the way to the ceiling, the store earned its name by customers, who refer to it as “athletes candy store,” which eventually became the stores slogan.

If you live in the San Diego area, then experience the service first hand, by stopping at any of the location listed below. If you don’t live close, we’ll still aim to provide the best possible experience.

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