Way before the fitness industry took off, Universal Nutrition was there with the "ultimate training pack": Animal Pak. Although this powerful supplement has been around for over thirty years, Animal Pak is unmatched when it comes to enhancing your athletic performance, which it why it has stood the test of time unlike many other supplements which have come and gone over the years. With Animal Pak, you can be sure that you have every single one of your nutritional needs covered and then some! The Pak is comprised of 11 tablets comprised of over 60 vital ingredients that include hefty doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plenty of other performance optimizers. No matter if you are a fitness enthusiast or a competitive bodybuilder, the Pak was designed to work in conjunction with even the most rigorous training and strictest dieting.

Research has shown that powerlifters and bodybuilders undergoing intense training and calorie restrictions are often plagued by nutritional gaps that can shut down your body's systems, leading to catabolism. This refers to the process by which those on restricted calorie diets end up losing muscle mass because the body turns to muscle for fuel instead of fat. What's more, nutritional gaps can reduce the effectiveness of many expensive designer supplements that need enzymes or other substances naturally found in the human body to activate them. These nutritional gaps can actually cause your progress to stall, effectively rendering all of your hard work useless. While a regular multivitamin will help achieve daily nutrition needs, competitors and professional athletes have needs that go beyond that of the average multivitamin. Athletes who train using the Animal Pak can rest assured that ALL of their nutritional needs will be met, thus avoiding the dreaded catabolic state. With Animal Pak, you can keep your body functioning at optimum levels so you can see all of your hard work in the gym pay off. If you're a serious lifter or bodybuilder, you need the Animal Pak in your arsenal. With a name that's been trusted in the fitness industry since 1983, Universal Nutrition's Animal Pak is one supplement you should not train without.

Animal Pak Animal Training Packs 44 Packs

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