Flexx RX

Flexx RX is a joint formula designed to help high with joint relief for high-performance athletes as well as everyday people that suffer joint discomfort due to daily wear and tear activity.


Flexx Rx contains clinically proven ingredients including:

  • GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE 2kcl: is a crucial component the stimulates the regrowth of cartilage tissue and stops the degeneration of existing cartilage; hence reduce the inflammation caused by bone on bone contact. Flexx RX is loaded with 1,500mg of pure Glucosamine Sulfate NOT the less potent Glucosamine HCL.
  • MSM: just like Glucosamine Sulfate, MSM is another key component in delaying the onset of cartilage degeneration. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory effects in joints, which cause joint pain and joint stiffness.
  • BROMELAIN: Bromelain is a natural substance derived from pineapples. It’s extensive studies have shown reduction of inflammation related problems including osteoarthritis in particular in the knees and shoulders.
  • UC-II (collagen): One of the flag ship ingredients in Flexx RX is the UC-II, a type II native collagen which has been linked to joint mobility, joint flexibility and reducing joint discomfort. A micro dosing of 40mg a day is all it takes to reduce inflammation induced joint pain. UC-II collagen is a protein with an extremely strong bond, strong enough to withstand the acids found in the gut, therefore reducing the loss of potency while passing the digestive tract.



What is the difference between Flexx RX & the Joint support I buy at my local grocery store?

FLEXX RX includes clinical ingredients that have been proven to show a reduction in joint discomfort and joint-related inflammation. That being said, it’s crucial to know how much you are consuming of each ingredient, our transparent ingredient profile leaves no room for questions in regards to dosing. Each and every ingredient is proudly listed at it’s clinically recommended dose.

I’m suffering from severe arthritis, will Flexx RX help eliminate the pain?

We are very confident in our formula, results will vary for each and every individual, but an overall improvement should be anticipated with the consumption of a 30 day supply at the recommended dose of 4 tablets a day. But some may need more time to experience the full effect of Flexx Rx.

Do I have to take Flexx RX for the rest of my life?

If you are suffering from joint discomfort then it should definitely a part of your vitamin regiment. Maintenance will be required as long as you plan on staying active, a lower maintenance dosing can be consumed once the pain has improved

Is the dosing the same regardless of age and activity?

The recommended dosing is set at 4 tablets a day; however, since we know that every individual is a unique case the dosing might vary, depending on the severity of discomfort and activity level. If 4 tablets do not seem to show an improvement within the first 30 day, then the pill count should be increased to 5 tablets a day. Or individuals can up the dose to 6 tablets a day on high activity days since the inflammation might be higher on those days.

Is Flexx Rx the only solution to joint pain relief?

Flexx Rx or any other joint support product is by all means not a magical pill, joint relief primarily starts with the food we are consuming. The key is to avoid high inflammatory foods, such as sugar. Sugar is fuel for inflammation, hence adding more sugar in your diet is like pouring more gasoline to an existing fire.



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