Clean Gainer is a low glycemic calorie shake that combines a blend of time-released protein low glycemic carbs and fats. It mixes very easily and does not thicken up into a “cake-like” consistency like most weight gainers.



Will Clean Gainer make me feel bloated?

Clean Gainer includes a healthy blend of high-quality carb sources including Quinoa, Brown Rice, Avocado, etc as well as a blend of fast and slow-digesting proteins. Hence, the chances of feeling bloated are very slim. Individuals with intolerance to lactose may feel a sense of bloat.


Every time I drink a weight gainer I can’t eat after, it makes me too full, will clean gainer do the same?

Clean Gainer has a very light consistency and it does give a sense of fullness but unlike some of the other gainers on the market, it does not fill you to the point where you don’t feel like eating for hours, even when mixed with milk. It provides a healthy sense of fullness with the ability to eat again at approx. 3-4 hours after consumption.


Will Clean Gainer help me gain weight?

Clean gainer is a calorie shake and calories will promote more weight gain; however, it is crucial to consume calorie-rich solid food in conjunction with Clean Gainer to achieve the desired weight gain goal. This product is ideal if your goal is to gain weight but you lack the necessary appetite.



How many shakes should I drink a day?

The serving size depends on the individual and his or her goal, but a good start would be 2 scoops between breakfast and lunch and 2 scoops after a work out which would be around 1,000+ calories a day.


Can I use Clean Gainer as a meal replacement, even if I’m not trying to gain weight?

Clean gainer contains a variety of low glycemic carbs, the same carbs that would be found in any meal replacement shake. It contains a 3:1 ration of carbs to protein. Unless you are following a low carb diet, this product would be an ideal meal replacement.

Rivalus Clean Gainer 5 Pounds