What is MCT?

Medium Chain Triglyceride is a type of fats that doesn’t need to be broken down by the gallbladder. Usually, your gallbladder will aid in breaking down foods, including fats. After food consumption, your gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine where it breaks down the fat into smaller molecules. Since MCT bypasses this digestive process it is readily available for the liver to be absorbed and turned into Ketones (energy).

What are some of the benefits of MCT?

For individuals that are trying to avoid foods that will affect their blood sugar, such as sugar and carbs, it’ll be a great fuel source since the body will need either glucose (carbs) or Ketones (fats) to fuel the muscle, brain, and other essential organs. In addition, it’s ideal for appetite & craving control.


When should I be consuming MCT ?

MCT can be taken as oil in foods or as a powder in baked goods or protein shakes. If a meal replacement shake is desired then it can be combined with any protein powder source and can be consumed as a meal or in-between meals as a convenient nutrition-rich snack.


Is MCT diabetic friendly?

MCT does not affect your blood sugar and should be used as part of a daily regiment for anybody that is diabetic. MCT does not get stored as fat, rather it is readily available as a fuel source.


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